We care for the Sea.

Become a part of the solution

We develop our activity with an educational and pedagogical purpose, mainly focused on interacting with the youngest and welcoming all those who want to join us in our commitment to care for the environment.

1 Solidarity, 2 sustainability, 3 sport, 4 healthy living, and 5 environmental awareness. These are our pillars and around them, we work with the ambition to develop actions and programs with positive and relevant social impact. 

Our commitment is to create a blue tide of solidarity
for a better planet "Save the Blue".

Help us!

We will continue to change the world.


Your Club and the children need it

The Ecomar Ecomar logo flies in many clubs in Spain and Portugal, which means that they have opted for excellence and quality of teaching in each of the courses offered by their sailing schools. The Grímpola Ecomar is a recognised seal of quality and is blue like our philosophy.


More than just coastal cleanups

Raising awareness of the need to act, to take action and be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Kilometre by kilometre, beach by beach, in 2021 we have doubled the number of activities in which we have removed almost 11 tonnes of waste thanks to the collaboration of our volunteers.

Blue Workshop

We raise awareness and educate

Every time we carry out an activity, we offer our Ecomar Blue Workshop in which we not only explain what we do, but teach the problem of marine debris, why they are produced, how we can help in our day to day life, and how to properly recycle among many other things. 

Collaborate with us

Do you watch or do you help?

In collaboration with.

Become part of the solution.

If you, like us, think something needs to be done to protect our seas and oceans and you feel the best way is from the bottom up, by educating and raising awareness among the young because they are our future, don't hesitate and do your part! Even the slightest help can make a difference.

The Ecomar Foundation could not exist without the support of the people, companies, nautical centres, and schools that support our projects.