Coastal clean-up.

Sea in Blue

Become a part of the solution

In ECOMAR we have been taking care of the sea since 1999 with our Ecomar Experiences. We are pioneers in Spain in coastal cleanup with children and we want to continue creating a network of volunteers so that there are more and more of us and thus achieve a change of trend.

Our Ecomar Experiences are about action, but above all about awareness. We host educational activities where we teach our Blue Workshop on coastal cleaning and how to properly recycle. We transmit the importance of "turning off the tap" and acting at the source of the waste that ends up in our seas. SIGN UP-it's part of the solution.

"Take care of the only two places you can never move from: your body and your planet" (Theresa Zabell)

2 tonnes

Our record in one
coastal cleanups in 2019


We care

the Sea

At ECOMAR we clean everything that arrives from the sea. Not only do we carry out coastal cleanups, but we also act in rivers, swamps, and inland waters with the aim of preventing waste from reaching the sea.

If you love the sea as much as we do SIGN UP to one of our Ecomar Experiences.


We add

all social groups

ECOMAR's philosophy is to add and contribute as much as possible to our society, which is why we try to clean sites that are not maintained by municipalities, or that require more support. In this way we join the great work they do by doing our part. It is a matter of not making a mess.


We educate

at the same time as we collect

During our Ecomar Experiences, we give a Blue Workshop and give a demonstration of proper waste management, so that as we carry out the activity we educate the youth participants in knowing where each of the different types of waste found should go. We design the actitivies so that the children learn and have fun at the same time.


Our team.

Teamwork divides the work and multiplies the results.


Cleaning Alcudia


Cleaning Cartagena




With the support of companies.

We work hard.

If you are a company you have a responsibility- JOIN IN!

Although we started doing these kinds of activities with children, every day we call on companies to join the Ecomar family through corporate volunteering. 

There are different categories of sponsors in which companies can participate, from collaborating with materials, to making a contribution that allows us to continue with these types of activities. Companies must integrate their CSR into their corporate strategy.