We care for the Sea.

Mission and Vision

Care for and protect the environment, for cleaner oceans. Raise awareness among children to generate a change of attitude more responsible with the environment. 



Achieve cleaner seas and oceans, through awareness and education using sport as a vehicle tool. "Take care of the only two places you can never move from: your body and your planet."

We want to be the foundation of reference in Spain, providing solutions to the environmental problems suffered by our seas. To bring people closer to the sea by inviting them to value and care for it, through the promotion of water sports and healthy lifestyle habits, and to expand internationally.

Bringing children closer to the sea.

The behaviour, the attitude and above all the emotion that the children transmit in the activities is what makes us move forward and see that we can really improve our planet.

It is incredible to see how in two hours they are able to change their way of thinking and then transmit it to their environment.

Educate them in their care.

We teach them to get to know the culture of the sea, to respect it and to enjoy it in the most appropriate way possible.

Disseminating an awareness of respect for our planet through programs of coexistence between sport and healthy living habits.