Contest and raffle with Ecopilas 2023

As every year ECOMAR and ECOPILAS have launched the environmental contest "Ponte las Pilas y Recicla 2023" in which all clubs and sailing schools attached to the Grímpola Ecomar 2023 can participate. The idea is to collect as many batteries as possible during the summer and deposit them in the containers that the ECOPILAS Foundation has in each club. The club that collects the most batteries will win important prizes. The contest is aimed exclusively at the Ecomar 2023 Grímpola Centers in Spain, which will become battery collection points and will have the option of winning important material prizes while raising awareness among their students.

The competition will begin on 1 July and end on 31 August. ECOMAR will monitor and disseminate the competition, encouraging the participation of all members and students of the nautical schools of the clubs.

The three centres that collect the most weight of batteries will receive 50 life jackets and a sail for the winner, 35 life jackets for the second and 25 life jackets for the third.

This is what the clubs will receive in order to be able to participate


Ponte las Pilas and Recyclia 2023 Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. Scope of the competition

The contest is aimed exclusively at the Ecomar 2023 Grímpola Centers in Spain, which will become battery collection points and will have the option of winning important material prizes while raising awareness among their students.

  1. Participation and materials

ECOMAR will monitor and disseminate the competition, encouraging participation.

  • The Ecomar 2023 Ecopilas Foundation will provide the Ecopilas Foundation with collectors and dissemination material.
  • The Grímpola Ecomar Centres will be collection points for batteries and accumulators from 1 July to 31 August.
  • The Ecopilas Foundation will be responsible for the collection and weighing of the batteries from each participating centre.
  1. Competition Prizes

The three centres that collect the most weight of batteries will receive the following prizes:

    50 life jackets and a 1 sail

35 life jackets

    25 life jackets
  1. Intellectual property rights

Participation in this competition implies the free transfer to Ecopilas and ECOMAR of the right to reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate the prizewinners, as well as the information they publish in their dissemination channels.


Raffle "Pila a Pila we go to Mallorca 2023".

In parallel, from July 29 to August 13, ECOMAR will launch a sweepstakes called "Pila a Pila nos vamos a Mallorca" exclusively for participants in RRSS, putting at stake a trip to Mallorca and a baptism of sea and a suitcase and a Samsonite backpack. In order to participate, it will be necessary to have a profile in RRSS and be a follower of @fundacionecomar and @recyclia in the social network in which you participate, like the publication, mention at least 2 friends and an Ecomarímpola Center.

Rules of the draw

  1. The aim of this promotion is to promote the use of the ECOMAR Foundation 's profile on Instagram,https://instagram.com/fundacionecomar/ and that of its sponsor ECOPILAShttps://www.instagram.com/recyclia/?hl=es as well as to offer users the chance to win the prizes detailed below.
  2. The promotion will take place in Spain and will be open to all those who follow the steps indicated in the point below.
  3. Duration of the promotion: July 29th to August 13th. The winners will be announced the week of August 13 to 20, 2023.


Only users who comply with the theme defined in these terms and conditions may participate in the promotion. Participants who do not meet the requirements set out in these terms and conditions will not be entitled to any prize.


To participate in the draw, users must:

A. Follow @fundacionecomar and @ecopilas on Instagram.

B. Give "Like" the publication on Instagram.

C. Mention 2 @friends.

D. Mention the @Centro Grímpola Ecomar of your choice. 

From among all the participants who meet the above requirements, a draw will be made using a platform external to the Ecomar Foundation to choose the winner.

Excluded from this promotion are employees and other collaborators of Fundación Ecomar and Fundación Ecopilas who have participated in the development and management of this prize draw, as well as their respective ascendant relatives, descendants, spouses or common-law partners. Likewise, the organiser reserves the right to prevent this prize draw from being used for speculation or business purposes, in which case it may take any legal action it deems appropriate.


1st PRIZE A trip to Majorca (Includes transfers, hotel and sailing baptism)

2nd PRIZE Samsonite Suitcase.

3rd PRIZE Samsonite backpack.

In the event that there is not a sufficient number of valid participants, Ecomar Foundation will have the option of awarding the prize directly to such valid participant(s), if any, or declaring the prize void if there is no participant.

1.- The prizes object of this Promotion are not subject to withholding or income tax on account of Personal Income Tax in accordance with article 75.3.f) of Royal Decree 439/2007, which approves the Personal Income Tax Regulations, as their withholding base is less than three hundred (300) euros.

2.- Once the winners have been chosen, the Ecomar Foundation will contact the winner/s through their social profile/s, to inform them that they have been selected as winner/s and they will be asked to send the following information to the e-mail address ecomar@fundacionecomar.org : Name, surname/s, e-mail address, postal address and copy of their ID card or any other official document that allows their identification (name, surname/s, date of birth).

In the event that the winner cannot be contacted within three (3) days, another winner will be sought.

Likewise, all participants will be informed of the names of the winners on the Social Networks, whereby the winners accept that their names/users will be published in the same media through which the Promotion has been publicised for transparency purposes.

3.- The Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation reserve the right to substitute the prize for another of similar characteristics of equal or greater value, when for reasons beyond their control, the planned prize cannot be awarded.

4.- The prize corresponding to this promotion is not redeemable in cash and will be subject, if applicable, to the corresponding tax withholdings.

5.- The prize is personal and non-transferable.


  1. The Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation reserve the right to exclude from the promotion and, consequently, from the awarding of the prize, any participant/s who, in their opinion, have participated incorrectly or those participants who defraud, alter or disable the proper functioning and the normal and regulated course of this promotion, including those who are suspected of having acted in an irregular manner. The participant will be entirely and exclusively responsible for the contents, images, messages and/or comments that he/she incorporates or communicates through the Instagram social network. In this regard, the participant will be responsible in all cases for any claim related, directly or indirectly, to the infringement of image rights, data protection, honour, privacy and any other right owned by a third party that may have been infringed as a result of the photograph submitted to the promotion, holding the Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation harmless from any liability arising from such infringement. In the event of incorrect participation, and it is detected after the prize has been awarded.
  2. Only natural persons in possession of a valid identity card or passport at the time of the awarding of the prize may participate.
  3. The Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation, with prior authorisation from the winner, may use his/her name and image, for use, publication and reproduction throughout the world and without limitation, by the Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation in any type of advertising, promotion, publication (including Internet), for informative purposes as long as these are related to the present promotion, without economic compensation of any kind for the winner with the exception of the delivery of the prize obtained as a result of the present promotion.
  4. Participants declare and guarantee that they authorise the use of the photographs submitted for the purpose of this promotion by the Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation on their profiles, exclusively within the framework of this promotion. This assignment is made free of charge. Likewise, in relation to the winning and runner-up photograph/s, the winner and runners-up authorise the Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation to use their photograph/s for display on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or similar. The assignment of the rights of use of the photographs will be for an unlimited period of time and without geographical limitation. This assignment is made for the following purposes
  5. The Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation reserve the right to modify the conditions of this promotion at any time, including its possible cancellation before the established deadline, provided that there is just cause for doing so, undertaking to communicate the new rules and conditions of the promotion or its cancellation.
  6. The Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation are not responsible for possible failures in participation due to a malfunction of the Internet or any social network (since it is an independent platform) or any other cause, such as interruptions, slowdowns, non-registered participations due to incomplete or other reasons, unauthorised access or errors in receiving any information, nor for any damages that may be generated by the same to the Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation.
  7. Participation in the promotion necessarily implies acceptance of these rules and the interpretative criteria of the Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation regarding the resolution of any issue arising from this promotion.
  8. The data provided by participants, in this case the user name of the social network through which this promotion is launched, are confidential and will only be used for the management of the competition. The Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation will only keep the personal data until the end of the competition and once the statute of limitations period for possible legal actions has elapsed. In the event that, when participating in the competition, you provide us with data of third parties, you must inform said third party of this privacy notice and obtain their consent prior to communicating it to us. The Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation are committed to protecting your privacy, and guarantees compliance with personal data protection legislation and, in particular, that your personal information will be processed: lawfully, fairly and transparently; for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes; only if it is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the processing; accurate and up-to-date; in a way that allows identification of the data subject only for the time necessary for the purposes of processing; guaranteeing its security. Your data will be communicated to third parties (to the Tax Authorities) when necessary in compliance with legal or fiscal obligations and to those external service providers related to the organisation of the Competitions (transport companies for the delivery of the prizes), with whom the Ecomar Foundation and the Ecopilas Foundation have signed the legally required contracts that guarantee the fulfilment of their obligations as data processors. This processing is carried out with respect for your right to the protection of your personal data.

The owner of the data has the right to access his/her personal data subject to processing, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, to request their deletion when the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, as well as to exercise the right to oppose and limit the processing and to exercise the right to data portability. If your consent has been obtained, you have the right to revoke it at any time. Participants may submit their requests to exercise their rights through the following channels: - By sending a letter to the following e-mail address: ecomar@fundacionecomar.org. In the event that you are not satisfied with the exercise of your rights, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

  1. These general conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Spanish Law3.