Collaborate as a Company.

The Ecomar Foundation could not exist without your support.


Thanks to the great support of our sponsors we can continue to educate and raise awareness to save the sea. It is a difficult task and it seems that we are rowing against the tide, but we are a great team and we have a lot of hope, because for ECOMAR the children are the future and will be the ones to make change. Thank you to the bigger companies who have committed themselves to ECOMAR and to our project to achieve cleaner seas. They are companies that are changing and transforming themselves to be more sustainable, providing us with materials and resources for the development of our activities. Just like them you can help us save the sea. And you, do you watch or help?

  • CSR in companies is no longer an option but an obligation, companies must adapt, and their strategies must be focused on making themselves known in a responsible and respectful way, there is no longer time for resolutions, they must act.

In ECOMAR, companies can collaborate in different ways:

  • By making a donation.
  • Becoming an Ecomar Partner.
  • Being "Sponsors" in different categories according to their options. Consult the categories of Sponsorship.
  • Being "Partners" which are companies that help us by providing products and services that give us access to different solutions that otherwise we could not have.
  • Carrying out specific Corporate Volunteering activities or sponsoring different activities that we carry out.

All these actions have fiscal benefits for the company apart from being a great support for ECOMAR, allowing us to reach more and more people and achieving a change of trend. DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER, COLLABORATE!


Some benefits around corporate social responsibility or CSR:

- Improved worker productivity through access to childcare services, for example.

- Providing assured customer satisfaction. This can range from a strong data protection policy to integrity in the creation of products or services provided to customers.

- Improvement of the reputation and image of the company, as making a commitment to fundamental values for both society and the environment will make public perception much more positive. 

Collaborate with ECOMAR, all help adds up and you also have several benefits depending on the type of help you can offer.
Thank you for being part of the solution.

If you believe that the social objectives of YOUR company are in line with OUR objectives and you want to collaborate in events, workshops, programs, and activities of the Ecomar Foundation supporting the social and visibility strategies of your company, do not hesitate to contact us:

Ecomar Foundation:

Tel: (+34) 91 350 4485
e-mail: ecomar@fundacionecomar.org