At Ecomar we are convinced of the need to act with information transparency, with the highest level of demand and commitment.

Internal Governance.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Ecomar Foundation is composed of 7 members, all of whom are individual trustees.

Effort, sacrifice, perseverance, are some of the values that Theresa has needed to achieve this impressive record. Once her competition stage was over, she has transferred these values to her life, to her family, and to her Foundation. Today, 20 years after achieving it, it is still unique. Recognised as the World's Best Sailor by the International Sailing Federation, she holds the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit and the Olympic Order. www.tzabell.org

(Patron since 15 April 2016, Secretary of the Board of Trustees since 6 March 2019). More than 15 years of experience in the field of media, communication and brand management. Interested in global content creation, engagement strategies, digitisation of the traditional business model, business development and linking business events to media. She is currently the CEO of Motorpress Ibérica.

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(Since 15 April 2016). Excellent lawyer and businessman, concerned about our planet and the legacy we will leave to future generations. He comments: "In few economic sectors is there the spirit of collaboration that can be perceived between the different branches of the automotive industry and between these and the public administrations. A sector that can boast of having achieved a number of successes through joint efforts, especially in the field of environmental management".

(As of 15 April 2016). Raúl Chapado Serrano is a retired Spanish athlete specialising in the triple jump. Throughout his career he was nine times Spanish outdoor triple jump champion and six times indoor champion. When he retired, he dedicated himself to sports management and was the General Director of sports for the Madrid 2016 and Madrid 2020 Olympic Candidatures. In 2016 he was elected president of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation from where he is leading the Spanish federation's change.

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(As of 15 April 2016). Roby Said is an expert in the world of management. Appointed CEO of Atisae Consultants in 1999, he spent more than 20 years in which he based the success of his business on the trust and good work of all his employees.

(From 12 April 2021). Signed in 1999 the act of constitution of the ECOMAR Foundation. Former Minister of the Environment, she was responsible for creating Spain's first Ministry of the Environment. Legal Advisor to the Nuclear Energy Board (1971-1978), now CIEMAT, and member of the Group of Governmental Legal Experts of the European Energy Agency of the OECD. Vice-President of the International Association of Women Lawyers. Former President and currently Vice-President of the Federal Council of the European Movement and Full Member of the Royal Academy of Doctors.

(From 12 April 2021). Economist. Expert in European Financing. Diploma in foreign trade. Member of the European Parliament 1987/1989. Member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies 1990/1993. Institutional Relations of the ENACOM/Secure Rent Group 2018... Member of the Board of Directors of AslaZinc 2019... Member of the Board of Directors of LatemGlobal 2020.... Senior Advisor Altarius Capital_ European Center 2021... Member of the Board of Directors of the European Pension Trust 2019...


We have a professional, specialized team that enjoys what they do, in an environment that promotes mutual enrichment. We are like a family in that we support and complement each other to provide better solutions.

Theresa Zabell. Director
Gastón Cedrone. Marketing and Sponsorship Director
Félix Morcillo. Administration
Jorge Cano. Projects Director
Carlos de Artíñano. Activities Director
Pedro Sardina. Press
María Ros. Communications
Eugenio López. Multimedia


Audit report and annual accounts 2021

The annual accounts of the Ecomar Foundation have been audited by SELKEN and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Audit report and annual accounts 2020

The annual accounts of the Ecomar Foundation have been audited by SELKEN and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Audit report and annual accounts 2019

The annual accounts of the Ecomar Foundation have been audited by SELKEN and approved by the Board of Trustees.


Maximum rule governing the functioning of the Organisation, endorsed by the Assembly and formally published.