Become a part of the solution

Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility through Corporate Volunteering together with the SDGs of the ECOMAR Foundation.

Corporate Volunteering is understood as a set of activities promoted and facilitated by the company in order to create and sustain - by providing economic, human, and technological resources - a channel for the participation of employees so that, as volunteers, they offer their time, skills, and talents to different social organizations.

The challenge of the Ecomar Foundation and the Corporate Volunteer program is to generate spaces of articulation and synergy between the company, its employees, and the community.

Our commitment is to create a blue tide of solidarity
for a better planet "Save the Blue".

Barcelona Event

During the month of October we held an event at the FNOB facilities in the port of Barcelona, in which we had the presence of the scientific expedition OceanoScientific Mediterránean Contaminants Expedition 2020 carried out by the Mediterranean to check the state of chemical spills and how they affect the health of the planet.

This event took place over several days. During this time we had visits from companies, institutions, visitors, and children who have been able to see the catamaran and visualize the importance of caring for the environment and working together with the social economy, with the mission to raise awareness of climate change for companies and institutions, and as well as the need to preserve the ocean and its biodiversity.

This event was held from 20-23 October 2020 and has been very well received. Thanks to all who made it possible.

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Become part of the solution.

If you, like us, think something needs to be done to protect our seas and oceans and you feel the best way is from the bottom up, by educating and raising awareness among the young because they are our future, don't hesitate and do your part! Even the slightest help can make a difference.

The Ecomar Foundation could not exist without the support of the people, companies, nautical centres, and schools that support our projects.