Video tutorials.

Because we know that to change this planet we have to teach and raise awareness, we provide you with material that will help you to promote that change.

Educate and raise awareness.

Video workshops Ecomar

We offer you a series of videos related to our Ecomar Workshops included in the Logbook. In these videos we give you detailed information, data and advice so that you can continue learning and thus be able to achieve a change in society that improves the health of the planet. Watch the videos, and if you wish, you can give us your opinion so that we can continue improving. THANK YOU

#1 Video Workshop: Temperature of the Oceans

This workshop tells us about the importance of the oceans, as they occupy 71% of the earth's surface, and how important their temperature is for life on the planet. There are some very curious facts.

#2 Video Workshop: Posidonia

Did you know that we owe 1 out of every 2 breaths we take to our oceans? Posidonia is essential for the proper functioning of the marine ecosystem: it is home to a multitude of organisms, prevents coastal erosion, contributes to water purification, generates large quantities of oxygen on the seabed, and acts as a carbon sink. Posidonia meadows are a species endemic to the Mediterranean Sea that is not present in any other sea in the world.

#3 Video Workshop: Marine Litter

The word "rubbish" is a word that we have invented to call anything that is not useful to us. If we do not recycle correctly, the final destination of waste is the sea, so we show you how it travels and reaches the sea.

#4 Video workshop: The Carbon Cycle

This cycle started in our seas. The sea absorbs carbon dioxide through its plants and animals. When plants want to grow they absorb the carbon dioxide and keep the carbon atom to create their tissues and release the 2 atoms of oxygen into the atmosphere.

#5 Video Workshop: Re-use Tips

We should reuse whenever possible- we reuse materials as they are or by adding or contributing something new and in this way we participate in a circular economy. Recycling has to be the last step because of the energy expenditure involved in transforming the material into something new.

#6 Video Workshop: Healthy Living

Humans have the experience we call life because of our bodies. Without them we could do nothing as they are the vehicle that transports our consciousness. Learning to take care of it is what can ensure a happier, longer and more learning life. Taking care of a body is not an easy task, as it has many parts and needs. But, through observation we have discovered that there are natural cycles that we must take care of so that our body takes care of us.