Complaints channel.

The channel

This Whistleblower Channel is exclusively aimed at collecting complaints of irregular conduct within the Ecomar Foundation that goes against the organisation's Code of Ethics.

The channel is available to all stakeholders: employees; volunteers; partners; donors; companies; suppliers, etc. In order to be able to properly follow up on the report, contact information for the person making the report is requested.


This channel is NOT intended to collect suggestions, comments, or queries about the activities of the Ecomar Foundation. In this case you can use this contact form. All complaints received will be analysed and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Ecomar Foundation's Complaints Channel Policy of the Ecomar Foundation.

By submitting the following data collection form to make your complaint, you accept the PRIVACY POLICY of the Ecomar Foundation


The Ecomar Foundation will set up an e-mail address, visible on the website, to receive complaints. This email will be accessible only to the person(s) designated for the management who undertake to treat it confidentially.
Information management: a record will be kept of the complaints received, including the assigned complaint code, date of receipt and date of response.
Analysis and resolution:
a) The person(s) designated by the governing body for the management of complaints receive the emails and send those requests for information or other questions that are not complaints to the ECOMAR Foundation.
b) In the case of complaints:
i) The person(s) designated by the governing body will be in charge of carrying out the investigation on the complaint received.
ii) After the investigation process, a brief report on the conclusions will be made. This report will be brought to the attention of the Directorate General of the ECOMAR Foundation and the person who made the complaint.
iii) Once the report has been made, disciplinary measures may be taken in cases constituting a criminal offence.
iv) An estimated period of 30 days for a response.